“I could not ask for a better experience, the best part is that Lilliana knows what she is doing. Not only that but she can get you on the right path to recovery and her recommendations after therapy will help you recover faster. She is the best!!!”

—Melvin H.

“I have been seeing Lily for several years to help manage chronic pain. She always makes sure she understands what and where your issues are and works to find therapies that work for you. I always leave feeling so much better.”

—Patty S.

“My body concerns were the result of years of wear and tear. I was a combat veteran, a long distance runner with 6 marathons and two fifty-milers under my belt, been roughed up in the California surf more than once, and was a hands-on dad with backaches to prove it. When I met Lily I was driving three and four hours one-way to teach a five-hour field class for my university.

Lily and my chiropractor worked on me, diligently, to postpone replacement surgeries of my right hip and knee. It was Lily who could ease my pain, show me how to move and stretch in helpful ways, and even how to use my cane properly. Finally, in 2006, I submitted to both surgeries.

While I was recovering and doing rehab through the hospital, Lily had moved on to her physical therapy degree and had begun her own practice as a clinical massage therapist. The surgeries fixed some parts of my aging body, but as we joke, “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” still need her attention. She knows my body, and the various things that have gone wrong with it, so I keep coming back. Always, she can ease the pain, and often make it function better.

She constantly improves her practice, pursuing new solutions. And she encourages me to do the same, even as age complicates my recovery. She also draws on the current literature in her field, something the professor in me particularly appreciates.

We have learned about each other’s lives over time, while maintaining a professional tone to our friendship. My wife was skeptical of massage, in the early years, but now she will not let me miss a session. And if I wake with some new physical difficulty, she calls Lily first. Lily has been a gift in my life for which I will always be thankful.”

—P. B. Hilton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education, Emeritus

“I met Lily through a recommendation from another satisfied customer.

For years I have battled chronic upper back and shoulder muscle tightness and pain. I had visited other massage therapists in the past, but was not happy about the soreness that I usually felt the next two days and the fact that the condition would usually return shortly after. During our first session, I could immediately tell the difference from my past experiences! Not only was her massage effective, but she spent a lot of time educating me on what I can do to correct my chronic muscle tightness. Her massages come with a bonus physical therapist session, and she clearly illustrates what I can do on my own at home or at the gym. Her approach has worked!

One day I casually mentioned to Lily that I could not do a proper plank because one of my wrists lacked the needed mobility. Lilly was interested to understand my issues, and upon a though examination she found scar tissue and other technical things in my hand which prevented some motion. She said she thought we could work to correct it – and developed a plan that would take place over several weeks. This plan involved her massage technique to free up the scar tissue, stretch and massage those tiny things in my hand, and prescribe exercises to do at home. I am happy to report, that most of my mobility has returned, but it will be something that I need to continually work on and get touch ups from Lily. For this issue, I had previously talked to my doctor and was sent to physical therapy. Their plan was to stick my hand in a machine with warm corn cobs that swirled around -absolutely no hands on!

I highly recommend Lily! She is well educated, effective and works hard to also educate her clients on how to care for their bodies and be pain free!”


—Marina S.

“Lily has worked with me over 5 years now after having an extremely painful shoulder issue. Lily’s deep experience in physical therapy and clinical massage, has helped fix underlying problems and relieved my pain. Her approach is highly consultative and includes a self-care plan which has helped strengthen areas to avoid long term problems. I keep Lily on my calendar to address lingering problems and potential areas of concern. Some days when I feel great, we work on relaxation and maintaining wellness. I highly recommend Lily’s practice for relaxation, recovery, and prevention.”

—Paul M.
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